Global Ascension was born in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and harnesses the infinite power of Nature. Global Ascension's divine mission is to empower each individual's mind body and soul. Helping them reach their full healing potential thru it's life- enhancing practices of Yoga, Reiki and Raw Nutrition offered by it's founder Tricia Clarke. 

Global Ascension provides a profound way for people to both realize and experience their own power to heal themselves.  Working on raising their vibration and changing their mindset to manifest overall wellbeing within their lives. Like the ripple affect of a pebble thrown into a pond, your own expanding light reaches outward  into the collective consciousness, spreading joy and peace.



"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves" 
--Dalai Lama



Previously a student of Ecology and Environmental Science at a top Canadian University, Tricia is now a Reiki Master, Crystal Bowl Healer, Yoga Instructor, Essential oil advocate and practicing Raw Food Chef.
Thru her self healing journey,  Tricia has gained inspiration to share her knowledge and skills with others, hoping to encourage everyone to step forward and begin their path to high vibrational wellness.